Frequently asked questions and answers are given below.

(1)Where is University of Jinan?

Its Address: No. 336, West Road of Nan Xinzhuang, Jinan, Shangdong, China

(2)What is UJN's mailing address?

No. 336, West Road of Nan Xinzhuang, Jinan, Shangdong, China; ZIP code: 250022

(3)When was University of Jinan founded?

It was founded in 1948.

(4)How can I know University of Jinan’s statistics ?

Its facts and statistics:
Chinese students:
Undergraduates, ;
Master's candidates, ;
Doctoral candidates,
International students: over
Faculty and staff: over
Doctoral supervisors:
Returned scholars from overseas:
Academicians: 2
2 Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering
Research schools, institutions, and centers: 2
Undergraduate programmes:
Master's programmes:
Doctoral programmes:
State Key Disciplines:
State Key Laboratories: 1
Education Ministry Key Laboratories:
State Key Research Bases in the Humanities and Social Sciences:
Popular subjects among international students:
Colleges and schools involved in international exchanges and cooperation: over

(5)How can I get information on international admission ?

Click here

(6)How is the weather in Jinan?

Jinan’s climate is defined as “warm temperate continental climate”, with dry and multi-southwest winds in spring, hot and rainy summer, cool fall, multi-northeastern winds in cold and dry winter; the average temperature throughout the year is between 13.5 and 15.5 degrees Celsius. The frost-free season lasts 230 days; annual rainfall is about 600-900 mms.

(7)How can I get a visa ?

The authorities of the Chinese Government abroad for handing foreigners’ application for entry or transit visas are Chinese diplomatic mission abroad, consular offices and other overseas agencies authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.
Any foreigner entering China is required to hold a valid Chinese visa. Chinese visas are almost never issued at the border; travelers should always make their visa arrangements in advance in their home country.
Visa Type you want
X Visa--Student visa, issued to people coming to China to study for longer than 6 months. Applicants require a letter from their university.
Extending your visa
After entering China, the authority that accepts visa services is Division of Exit and Entry Administration of Jinan Public Security Bureau.
Division of Exit and Entry Administration of Jinan Police Department
Address: NO.88 of Jingsan Weisi Road, Shizhong District, Jinan
Tel: 0531-85081066

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