To ensure the physical and emotional health of teachers and students , University of Jinan provides  medical treatment, health care and disease prevention for the faculty, staff and students on Campus.

At present, there are the following departments in Main Campus Hospital: the internal and external medicine; the department of traditional Chinese medicine; ear-nose-throat department; radiation department; the health care and prevention section; the testing and inspection department; the B-ultrasonic checking room and stomach intestines mirror room.

University of Jinan Hospital on Campus(Main campus, Shungeng Campus and Mingshui Campus ):

Opening hours (Mon.-Fri.):
1:30p.m-5:30 p.m
Emergency Room: 24 hours
0531-82767131(Main Campus)
0531-82767121(Shungeng Campus)
0531-58672125(Mingshui Campus)

Hospital Nearby:

Shandong Provincial Hospital
Jinan No.5 Hospital
Shandong Qifo Mountain Hospital

University of Jinan Hospital


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