UJN Offers Liberal Education Core Course of “Sing Starting from 19 Chinese Songs”

In the evening of March 25, with the familiar rhythm of “Without the Communist Party there would be no New China”, the liberal education core course?— “Sing Starting from 19 Chinese Songs” offered by School of Music of UJN began. The first class was taught by the Outstanding Teacher of Shandong Province, Taishan Scholar and the Dean of Music School, Professor Zheng Zhong.

As the course director, Professor Zheng made a comprehensive introduction from perspectives of the value of music, function of music, the content, design, goal and requirements of this course.

As a tribute to the centenary of the founding of CPC, Music School organized staff to learn General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important discourse, the spirit expressed on the symposium of ideological and political theory course teachers and the suggestions on the construction of ideological and political curriculum, and set up a team of young teachers to offer the liberal education core course— “Sing Starting from 19 Chinese Songs” to all students of UJN.

This course combines the history of CPC with the history of music and selects 19 representative Chinese songs to teach music as well as to realize ideological and political education. This course uses the music as the carrier to foster character and civic virtue of students. Teachers of this course, with 19 well-received classic songs created after the foundation of CPC, instruct students to experience the great revolutionary spirit and beauty of music, to realize the hardship in the development of CPC and worship the bravery and nobility of the elder generation of revolutionaries, and thereby foster a good character for the future.

This course carries out the educational concept of “consider students as the teaching subject and teachers as the instructors”, and can be performed with various forms, such as classroom teaching, artistic practices and expert lectures, to fully arouse students' enthusiasm, initiative and creativity. Besides, the modern internet resources are well developed to build a “cloud class” combined with online and offline teaching models. A high-quality course rooted in UJN has been forged with single-hearted devotion.

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