The Communist Youth League Committee of UJN Organizes Arbor Day Activity

With the Arbor Day approaching, the Communist Youth League Committee of UJN, together with the Youth League Committee of Shizhong District of Jinan City, in order to carry forward Lei Feng spirit, improve the awareness of loving and protecting green of teachers and students of UJN, and advocate the spirit of environmental protection of young volunteers, launched the practical education activity of “Lighting China with Youth” for Arbor Day 2021 on the morning of March 12th. Teachers of Committee and young volunteers participated in the activity together.

At the activity site, students rolled up their sleeves and cooperated with each other, waving spades, cultivating soil, supporting seedlings, planting and watering trees. In just one morning, volunteers of UJN planted nearly 100 small saplings for the open Weizi Mountain, bringing vigor and vitality to spring. After the event, volunteers said that they should participate more into the voluntary service activities of environmental protection and ecological civilization in the future to contribute to the construction of green China.

The Arbor Day activity is one of the series activities of “Learning from Lei Feng” of UJN, and also one of the forms of combining ideological and political education practice with voluntary services. This activity is not only the spread of Lei Feng spirit, but the action of practicing socialist core values, which imperceptibly improves students’ understanding of Lei Feng spirit, and they realized the joy of labor, felt the education of loving their motherland, hometown and labor, and practiced Lei Feng spirit and volunteer spirit with their action through planting trees.

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