School of History and Cultural Industry

The School of History and Cultural Industry of Jinan University includes four departments (the department of Art and Media Management, Exhibition Tourism Management, International Cultural Trade and History), three Laboratories (Creative Content Lab, Project Planning Lab and Editing and Producing Lab) and a research center (Cultural Industry Research Center). The undergraduate programs include Cultural Industry Management major (Arts Management, Media Management, Tourism Planning and Management, International Cultural Trade), Exhibition Economy and Management major (Exhibition Planning and Management) and History major. The postgraduate programs focus on two fields, which are Cultural Industry Management and the history of Cultural Industry. Currently, there are 1400 students at the school, and more than 1200 of them are Cultural Management major, which is holding the lead in the country. The school has a strong faculty union, which is experienced, highly qualified and educated at teaching and research. By now, 13 of them are Professors, 12 are associate professors and 55% of the union members hold doctoral degree. There are unique features and advantages in the Cultural Industry and the History of Cultural Industry program to run a school. Besides, the programs of Exhibition Planning and Management and International Cultural Trade become the brand of the school. Many cultural enterprises have connected with the school on university-industry collaboration. The rate of undergraduates in all programs to pass the postgraduates entrance exam is relatively high and the employment prospects are bright. Cultural Industry Management program is the key discipline of the "12th five-year plan" period, and the cultural Industry excellence training base in Shandong province is subordinate to the school.

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