School of Music

The University of Jinan is a comprehensive university accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education and administered by Shandong Provincial Government. It offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs and enjoys the right to recommend postgraduates exempting admission examinations.. Since its foundation, the University of Jinan has adhered firmly to its motto of "Magnanimity and Perseverance, Erudition, and Pursuit of Truth and Excellence" and its educational philosophy of "Diligence, Rigorousness, Unity, and Creativity". In addition, the University of Jinan carries forward the spirit of "being industrious, keeping pace with the times, and pursuing excellence". Nowadays, University of Jinan has become an important base of talent training for local and regional economic development, and more than 170,000 students have graduated from the University of Jinan.

University of Jinan has enjoyed 20 years' history of art education and set up School of Music in 2011. The School has pursued the target of High Starting Point, High Level and High Striding to create distinctive Qilu music culture. With the task of serving the society, teachers and students, the school has established the guiding theory of focusing on the teaching quality, relying on the art practice and promoting the scientific research. The School consists of Theory Department, Vocal Music Department, Instruments Department, Dance Department, and Basic Teaching Department, as well as Music Research and Development Center, Digital Music Production Center, and Art Practice Center. There are well equipped multi-media rooms, digital piano rooms, and multi-function rehearsal halls, practice rooms and other facilities and equipment's. The School offers six majors including instruments performance, vocal performance, music theory, music education, instrument repair and dance performance. Students will be raised with rational knowledge structure here to master the basic music theory, professional knowledge and skills so as to perform, teach, research and edit in professional arts organizations, arts institutions and relevant departments and agencies. Bachelor's degree of Arts can be offered. We attach great importance to the teaching quality by formulating rigorous monitoring system. To improve the teaching quality, the main teaching system is established by art practice, teaching practice and social practice according to the characteristics and target of the music education.

To expand employment channels for students and to enrich students' professional knowledge, we have been approved to enroll students in compliance with teaching education and have set the correspondent courses for students to take. The main courses include performance (vocal music, keyboard and instruments), music theory, sight-singing and ear training, harmony, music form and work analysis, orchestration, polyphony, composing, music pedagogy, Chinese and Western music history, ethnomusicology, traditional Chinese music, musical acoustics, instrument technology, ensemble (chamber music), chorus, physical training and etc.

Instead of the traditional employment patterns, we have attracted many experts and professors with doctoral, master's degrees, outstanding research abilities and rich performance experiences from professional institutions in Beijing, Shanghai and abroad. Meanwhile, we have recruited well-known scholars at home and abroad as part-time professors and have organized an academic team appropriate in age, title, and education structure, with high-level research projects and relatively concentrated research orientations. Adhering to the idea of running the school in an open way, we invite well-known experts to hold workshops and seminars, exchange with musical institutions from other countries and regions, and establish inter-school collaboration.

During "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, School of Music will make the most of interdisciplinary advantage of the comprehensive university, and stick to connotative development, characteristic development, innovative development and open development, with the integration of domestic and foreign advanced teaching ideas. We keep the characteristics of traditional music course; on the other hand, we adjust the discipline layout to adapt to the new market demand, continuously improve teachers' ability in teaching, scientific research and art practice. Oriented by the social demand for talents and based on the students' quality development, we strengthen the construction of campus culture and abandon the single mode of raising talents, striving for cultivating applied and versatile talents with competitive employment capacity and establishing advanced music education system with regional characteristics of Qilu culture, to serve the development of Jinan, inherit Qilu music culture, and enhance the soft power of Shandong Province.

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