School of Fine Arts

School of Fine Arts, University of Jinan was founded in 1993, it was initially Department of Arts. School of Arts was established in 2003. It was officially changed its name to School of Fine Arts after majors' adjustment.

With the all the staff and students practical work and hard work, School of Fine Arts has continuously grown and direction of major gradually refined. The number of students' enrollment and teaching quality are increasing steadily. Course constructions have achieved initial success, Academic exchanges are rich and active, and also school level is constantly improving. School of Fine Arts has grown from initial one major to four undergraduate majors and one master degree. The number of college students is expanding from the initial 200 to nearly 1,000 people. School of Fine Arts gradually developed into better teaching facilities with a strong teaching staff, higher education, scientific research and a good reputation for teaching art education.

Team and faculty: existing staff 54 people, including 48 professional teachers; position of teacher are reasonable, with 4 professors, 12 associate professors, 21 lecturers, 8 teaching assistants; achieve a high degree overall coverage, including 3 doctors, 3 doctorate in processing, 31 teachers to obtain a master's degree; 15 hire part-time and visiting professor. Four people had awarded a national advanced individual, Jinan City, top-notch talent, outstanding teachers and pedagogical model.

School conditions: the existing library, teaching computer room, laboratory, laboratory clothing photography, multimedia classrooms, visual communication design, environmental art design lab laboratory, ceramic ware, glassware, bird specimens, ethnic clothing supplementary articles otherwise rich and other advanced teaching equipment and facilities, teaching practice base is more than 20, were set up in the province and Jiangxi, Anhui, Hebei, Zhejiang etc..

Courses and majors: fine art, art design, costumes design and photography four undergraduate degrees. Department of fine art started to recruit students in 2001; Department of design was enrolled in 2003, product design direction of enrollment will begin in 2014; costumes design start recruit in 2005, admission of costumes design and performance began in 2013; professional photography started to recruit students in 2009. In 2011, a master's degree in art market management is the Ministry of education for the record, in 2013 began to recruit the professional academic type master.

Scientific research achievements: teachers access to national and Provincial Exhibition contest one or two, three prize and award outstanding dozens, in all kinds of core journals published numerous academic papers more than 200 articles, only since 2009, all the teachers have published more than 110 papers, which are CSSCI and Bei Dazhong paper core journals indexed by a high level of more than 30 papers; teachers have access to the National Social Science Fund Project of Ministry of education, arts, humanities and social science project, Shandong Provincial Academy of social sciences plan project 2010, soft science program, Department of education and cultural level topic 17 items. Since the founding of the publication of monographs, textbooks, monographs, translations album more than 30, the teacher works and won the two prize paper Province, Department number.

Outstanding teaching effectiveness: College continued to strengthen teaching management, curriculum development and teaching methods reform. Strictly regulate the process of teaching, teaching research into a trend, the construction of more than 30 university-level standard class door. PubMed rate and the employment rate has increased annually, more than 30 students have admitted to Renmin University of China, Tongji University, Southeast University, Capital Normal University, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, Shanghai University, Shanghai Normal University, Soochow University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Shenyang University, Master of Zhejiang Normal University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Jilin University, Shanghai Theatre Academy, Shenyang Aerospace University, Shandong Art College, Shandong Institute of Light Industry, Shandong Institute of Arts, Shandong Normal University, Qufu Normal University, Liaocheng University, more than 10 institutions graduate students. Student work has won national exhibition and competition gold, silver, bronze, Excellence Award and provincial exhibitions and competitions gold, silver, bronze, total more than 300 Excellence Award.

Academic Exchange: In order to enhance teachers' academic ability, encouraging students to learn knowledge, broaden their professional horizons, college irregularly held various academic exchange activities, and gradually form a stable mechanism. Since it's founding, has sent for the experts and professors from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Southeast University, Beijing Normal University, Shandong University, Shandong Academy of Arts, Shandong Art Institute, Chinese Academy of Painting and other universities to make academic reports, as well as the international and domestic community veteran teachers and related industries and the academic exchanges. Effectively active in the college academic atmosphere, enhanced contact with other universities and enterprises.

School of Fine Arts, University of Jinan is changing, constantly struggling beyond. With high-spirited attitude, all faculty and staff are warm welcome national and international students who interested in the artistic career.

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