School of Mechanical Engineering

The School of Mechanical Engineering offers four undergraduate courses, Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Mechanical Manufacture and Automation, Industrial Design, and Industrial Engineering, a China-UK Joint Course, Mechanical Engineering authorised by the Ministry of Education and an "Education and Training Plan of Excellent Engineers" course accredited by the Ministry of Education. It also offers a first-level discipline MSc course which covers 6 second-level discipline MSc courses, such as Mechatronics Engineering, Mechanical Design and Theory, Mechanical Manufacture and Automation, Vehicle Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Industrial Design. Currently, the total full-time students are 2,600.

The school is special at its national level subject Mechanical Engineering which includes two provincial level subjects, Mechanical Manufacture and Automation and Mechatronics Engineering, and a key laboratory of universities in Shandong Province, Mechanical Equipment Design and Simulation. The Experimental Center has advanced equipment for cutting, testing, control, etc. In addition, in the school are also located a national level Engineering Practice and Education Center, a Training Base for National CAD Application Network, a Training Base for Innovation Methods in Shandong Province, a Shandong CNC Technology Training Center, and other training and certification centers authorised by companies such as US Solidworks, Autodesk and Germany Siemens PLM.

There are 107 staff members in the school, among which 94 are teaching and research staff, 22 professors and 41 associate professors. 56% of the staff owns a PhD degree. The school has a high-level teaching and research team, consisting of young distinguished teachers and experts with outstanding contributions in Shandong Province. Currently, more than 100 main research and teaching projects are undertaken in the school such as the Major Special Projects of National Science and Technology, the Nation 863 Projects, the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Innovation Methods, the Education Reform and Practice Research Projects accredited by the Ministry of Education, the Shandong Province Outstanding Young Scientist Award Fund, and enterprise commissioned research and development projects. More than 30 provincial and ministerial level awards have been achieved.

Benefiting from the well-established study environment and teaching style, students have developed strong innovation capability. The Youth Volunteer Service Team was named the "Advanced Collective of National Volunteer Service". The student Branch Party has repeatedly been named the "Shandong Province Advanced Grassroots Party Organization". The technology works by the students have been awarded the Grand Prize of Shandong Province, the national third prize of the "Challenge Cup" Business Plan Competition and Technology Contest, the first prize of national "Innovation Cup" Design Contest, the second prize of the National Teaching and Design Contest supported by the Mechanical Engineering Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, and many other awards. Graduates are praised by the employers for their excellent overall quality and innovative ability, solid professional foundation and pragmatic work style. More than 95% of the students are employed each year.

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