School of Marxism

Originating from Division of Ideological and Political Theory Teaching, School of Marxism was established in 2011 in accordance with the requirement of the Ministry of Education. It fulfills the role of both Marxist teaching and disciplinary development of Marxist research.

School of Marxism at present counts 45 staff members, including four professors, 18 associate professors, 12 Ph. D. holders, nine MA candidate supervisors, and 39 CPC members. It consists of one research center of ideological education and four teaching divisions, which are respectively responsible for the teaching of basic Marxist theories, Mao Zedong Though and socialism with Chinese characteristics, ethic basics and law fundamentals, modern Chinese history.

School of Marxism undertakes ideological teaching on both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. With years of development, it has made significant improvements in its teaching qualities and gained fruitful achievements in its teaching reforms. Now its courses of "Ethic Basics and Law Fundamentals" and "Mao Zedong Though and Socialism with Chinese Characteristics" have been awarded as quality courses of UJN.

On the basis of first-level disciplinary coverage of Marxist Theory and its realities and strengths, School of Marxism is condesenced into six major research areas: Marxist theories and contemporary Chinese politics, Marxist theories and contemporary Chinese economic practices, Marxist theories and Chinese Modernization, construction of political civilization and education of ideology and ethics, theories and practices of ideological education, and civil political culture and ideological education.

School of Marxism witnesses dramatic progress in academic research. 10 academic monographs have been published and 50 research papers have been indexed by CSSCI, some even reprinted in such well-known medias as Xinhua Digest, Chinese Social Science Digest and The National People's Congress Press. The School also undertakes a host of national and provincial academic research projects: three National Social Science Fund Projects, two MOE (Ministry of Education in China) Projects of Humanities and Social Sciences, 15 Shandong Provincial Social Science Fund Projects, eight Shandong Provincial soft science Fund Projects, and five Shandong Provincial Educational Department Projects of Humanities and Social Sciences. At present, many of the above research achievements have been awarded prizes on various levels: one second prize of Shandong Outstanding Research Achievements in Social Sciences, four third prizes of Shandong Outstanding Research Achievements in Social Sciences, two third prizes of Shandong Outstanding Research Achievements in Soft Science, four third prizes of Outstanding Humanity and Social Science Research Achievements among Universities in Shandong, three first prizes of Jinan Outstanding Research Achievements in Social Sciences and three second prizes of Jinan Outstanding Research Achievements in Social Sciences.

At present, with the guidance of "discipline construction-headed, academic research-based and staff-centered" principle, School of Marxism is striving to improve the qualities of ideological education and academic level of Marxist Theory research.

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