School of Foreign Languages

The School of Foreign Languages consists of five departments of English, Japanese, Korean, German and French as well as an English teaching center for students in other schools.

All the five departments offer corresponding undergraduate programs. In addition, the Department of English offers Double Degree in collaboration with School of Economics and School of Law respectively, MA degree in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, and MTI degree (Master of Translation and Interpreting).

The staff includes 6 professors, 45 associate professors, some lecturers, and about 20 foreign experts in relevant languages. 28 of them have got their PhD degrees and nearly half of them have overseas study or work experiences, which contribute much to the high quality of teaching. Besides their regular teaching, they actively devote themselves into research, mainly in linguistics, foreign literature and language teaching. As a result, they have been awarded quite a lot of prizes at national, provincial, municipal and university levels.

To facilitate the teaching, the School spares no efforts to invest in multi-media language labs and libraries. The 6 advanced labs and more than 30,000 books and journals help students gain access to new technology and updated information, thus enhancing the quality of education.

Our aim of education to the current 1,300 students is to enhance their language proficiency and communication skills, and strengthen their bilingual and bicultural competence, helping them understand language and cultural issues from a global perspective. We also place emphasis on liberating the mind of the individual and developing the types of intellectual and personal skills that are recognized as important by employers in a wide variety of occupational areas, so our students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities, such as Foreign Art and Culture Festivals held on campus every year and Spreading Literacy Knowledge in the countryside every summer vacation. It is believed that through students' active involvement in such activities, they will develop their all-round personalities.

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