School of Political Science and Law

School of Law of University of Jinan was established in 2000, and started to enroll law undergraduates in 2001. After ten years hard work and struggle of all staff and students of law school, we have obtained remarkable achievements in fields of personnel training, scientific research, discipline construction and social services etc. Law school has a rational structure, quality of the teaching staff. At present more than 50 faculty currently work in our law school, among them, there are 30 full-time teachers, 3 professors, 13 associated professors, 17 PhD and PhD Candidates. Meanwhile, there are over 1,100 undergraduates in full-time education.

At present, our School of law has eight teaching and research centers. They are as follows: teaching and research center for Legal Theory, teaching and research center for Constitutions and Administrative Law, teaching and research center for Civil and Commercial Law, teaching and research center for Intellectual Property Law, teaching and research center for Economic Law, teaching and research center for Criminal Law, teaching and research center for Procedure Law, teaching and research center for International Law.

As well, there are several teaching and research institutions and practice basements setting in the law school, such as institution for social law research, institute for government under the rule of law, research institute for Intellectual Property, training center for Judicial Examination, Women's Rights Hotline of University of Jinan, 12355 Juvenile Service Hotline, and branch of the Zhongcheng Renhe Law Firm. Moreover, our School of Law is the Chairman unit of Social Law Research Institute of Shandong Law Society, and Research Society of Administrative Law Research Society of Jinan.

The School of Law has advanced teaching experimental equipment, and equipped with moot court laboratory, digital moot court laboratory, and legal clinic laboratory. Besides, library of our School of Law has more than 30,000 books, and approximately hundred types of journals. In recent years, our law school attached great importance to scientific research; teachers every year publish over 120 academic essays, and publish 4 monographs, textbooks. Over 20 essays have been reproduced accumulatively by , , and issued by Information Center of China People's University. Law School has all undertaken over 20 national social science fund item, the Ministry of Education items and the provincial planning projects all together, and over 30 municipal research items.

Teachers of our law school have had obtained over 10 awards, such as Shandong Academy of Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award, Excellent Results in Higher Institutions of Shandong Province Academy of Social Sciences and other Municipal Awards. At present, our law school has strong ability in social law, administrative law of China.

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