School of Liberal Arts

The School of Liberal Arts is one of the oldest colleges in the University of Jinan. It comprises 2 departments (Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Department of Communication) and 10 research centers(Research Center of Jinan Culture, Confucianism Research Center etc.). There are 11 professors, 21 associate professors, more than 40 teachers with doctorates, over 10 members who have the postdoctoral experience and 4 teachers who have ever been abroad as visiting scholars in our school. Bin Huang who is the renowned young calligrapher in China and Luye (Dongmei Lu) who is one of the most famous Chinese poets are teaching in our school.

Chinese Language and Literature, Advertising, Radio and Television, Editing and Publishing are the 4 undergraduate majors in our departments.  Classical Chinese Literature, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Foreign Literature, Literary Theory and Contemporary Chinese Language are the 5 graduate degree programs in our school. Classical Chinese Literature is the key disciplines on the provincial level. Approximately 1300 students enrolled in our BA and MA programs.

The faculty specializations are mainly in the range of the pre-Qin Literature and Culture, Modern Literature and Culture, Literary Theory and Aesthetics, Gender Culture and Feminine Literature, Modern Chinese Lexicology. Of which our research on the pre-Qin Literature and Culture have a good academic reputation in China. The faculty in our school has published more than 1000 journal articles and 80 monographs up to now. More than 10 research projects have been supported by National Social Science Fund in recent years.

We are pleased to communicate and collaborate with scholars and students from around the world.

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